All kind of cabins to share a visit in the heart of La Mancha

El Mirador de la Mancha is an original Rural Touristic Complex situated in the Sierra Calderona, between the first foothills of the Montes de Toledo.

El Mirador is located in an harmonic ambience in an estate of 70,000m which counts with a rich landscape and an abundant vegetation where the main protagonist is the olive tree with more than 250 years.

The name of our complex is derived from the impressive panorama of the Plain Manchega which you can view from any point of our finca (Mirador means viewpoint).

El Mirador de la Mancha provides you with a familial and welcoming rural offer.


A life in a natural and healthy environment designed in interior and exterior harmony with the nature and an example of responsible consumption framed within a sustainable development.

Cabins equipped with a television, wifi, a microwave and a kitchen with all the necessary kitchenware. Moreover we present you a great hall with two so called “poyos” (Benches made out of stone or any other material that are attached to the walls, normally found at doors of rural houses), one on each side of the chimney of 90 cm (which can be used as a bed) and two double bedrooms.


Selected and exclusive ambience to enjoy your stay.

In the cabin you will be able to enjoy a romantic dinner while being in contact with the beauty of nature at all times.

This kind of cabin offers you wide spaces for your enjoyment. At the same time there is a kitchen that includes all the essential kitchenware, a TV, a microwave, a hot tub and wifi.

Couples often demand the Cabin Suite as it offers a big double bed, a spacious living room and a bathroom with a hot tub.



Are outstanding constructions of our former villa. The elements used for this construction come from the environment: rocks, slate and other plant-based materials.

The form and construction of the cabin depends on local factors like the type of rock, donde predomina ante todo la sencillez, con muros de metro y medio una sola estancia; las cabañas cuadradas con casi la misma forma y ubicación y otro tipo algo más amplio de estructura similar que se encuentra en algunas zonas.

Another more complete and evolved model are the cabins that have a rectangular floor.


Special cabins built in the top of an olive tree. The olive trees are bicentennial in this area.

In just a few square meters you have all you need to spend some special days with a special person. A weekend sleeping in a tree can be a very original gift to your significant other.

Although the tree cabins do not have a kitchen, they do have a small refrigerator and a microwave. The premises counts with a restaurant where you can taste typical dishes of La Mancha cuisine.