A great variety of installations to enjoy a unique experience

A Complex made under an exceptional wood construction. El Mirador is located in an harmonic ambience in an estate of 70,000m with a rich landscape and an abundant vegetation where the main protagonist is the olive tree with more than 250 years.

The name of our complex is derived from the impressive panorama of the Plain Manchega which you can view from any point of our finca.

El Mirador de la Mancha provides you with a familial and welcoming rural offer.

Wall of Don Quixote

Composed of illustrations of the different chapters of Cervantes work with explanatory text.

Terrace Mirador

With the panoramic views over Tablas de Daimiel National Park, Campo del Orden de Calatrava, Orden de San Juan y Campo de Montiel.

Wooden Don Quixote

You will be able to see the tallest Quixote in the world as a wooden sculpture.


Inspired by the huts of the ancient goatherd which Cervantes mentions in his work.


The entire human history can testify that, since the bite of Eve, human happiness depends on food.

Meeting room

Situated in the upper part of the restaurant. Presented as a space for the enjoyment of the menu for our customers.

Uncle Bodego corner

El Rincón del tío Bodego is a small wine cellar where we store different products.

Patio Manchego

Designed like the yards in La Manchega with a well, arcades, a stage for theater and a corridor with balconies.

Event room

Our event room is an impressive space made out of pine wood. Its dimensions are around 40 x 17 meters, with the capacity to host around 600 people.

The small lake

You can find a small lagoon with ducks and a small boat within the enclosure. Especially children can enjoy the lagoon and the ducks.

Animal farm

One of the attractions of the complex is the farm with its different animals. You will find donkeys, pigs, chickens, rabbits, turkeys, etc…

Children's play area

El Mirador de La Mancha possesses a zone posee una zona for children where they can enjoy the original play zone - a bullring.