Patio Manchego

Patio Manchego is a typical yard of the area that represents the traditional architecture of La Mancha.

The yard is an exceptional construction made out of wood with many details like a well, arcades, a stage, etc. Furthermore it represents the different villages of Castilla La-Mancha with the emblem of each village and the distance to each of them.

It is called Shepherdess Marcela because of the relation between Villarubia and Quixote. Many experts of the literature of Cervantes assume that the event of the love of Chrysostom for Marcela took place in the mountains of Villarubia. In chapter 12 begins the history of Chrysostom and Marela, the first novel published in Don Quixote de la Mancha.  With the pastoral novel starts a different plot within the narration. The farmer Ambrosio denounces the death of his friend Chrysostom to be the responsibility of the beautiful Marcela who did not want to reciprocate the love of poor Chrysostom. Ahead of her time, the shepherdess Marcela defends her liberty and her rights with a speech at Chrysostom’s funeral where she says:

“I was born free, and that I might live in freedom I chose the solitude of the fields”.

When the weather is nice, the yard Pastora Marcela is used as a place for celebrations like weddings, cocktail parties or any other type of event. It is nice to enjoy the nature and the incredible views as the perfect backdrop.

At the same time the yard has been used for theaters or musical shows since it provides a stage.